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Monday, May 3, 2010

The Legend of Martin-I

Once upon a time warp, in another galaxy, there was a solar system, and the fourth planet from it's sun was the home to the being known as Martin-I. He was the leading artistic/scientific advisor for the Ministry of Pleasure Arts & Sciences. On his planet, this was a very important appointment, second only to the Grand Planetary Chancellor. For happiness, enjoyment, and pleasure were paramount above all else. There wasn't war nor crime for 100 generations on Martin-I's homeworld.

However, he took great fascination of Earth. He thought there was great potential for it becoming like his own world. He felt it was his sacred duty to go to Earth to help the inhabitants happiness. He then asked an audience with the Grand Planetary Chancellor, to request an odyssey to the planet Earth for his quest to help it's inhabitants. The Chancellor was astonished by Martin-I's request, and immediately commissioned the Space Exploration Administration to construct him a Space Warp suit. Donning his Space Warp suit and packing with him Databooks of the Earth and some metals and crystals that have Earthly monetary value, he
then entered the Space Warp Accelerator. With a flash of light and a thunder of sound, he was sent through space at speed beyond imagination, till he reached Earth. He then arrived in a flash of light and thunder of sound in an abandoned building in the city of Chicago, Illinois. He then proceeded to shed his Warp Suit, only wearing the padded undersuit. First he exchanged the precious metals and crystals for money, and proceeded to purchase himself a new wardrobe, and the building he landed in. He then began his missionary work of throwing cocktail parties. And thus started the foundation of Martin-I's Lounge.

Many years later, Johnny Techman became a disciple of Martin-I's teachings, and soon was throwing cocktail parties on Martin-I's behalf. This then began the quest to show the ways of happiness, enjoyment, and pleasure, through the great works of...Martin-I's Lounge!

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